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“Adding value to companies and partners through our management know-how. Generating sustainable wealth for Bahrain.”
Mahmood H. Alkooheji,  CEO, Mumtalakat
As the investment arm of the Kingdom of Bahrain, Mumtalakat aims to grow and diversify the Kingdom’s wealth. Our investment philosophy is primarily focused on active partnership with companies and investors seeking a value adding partner with a long-term perspective.

We are long-term investors who aim to partner with companies that share our values and commitment to transparency and strong corporate governance. Furthermore, we recognise that many businesses are looking for more than capital from investors – they are also looking for relevant expertise.
Our extensive expertise, particularly in key sectors, and our understanding of the regional economy mean that we can add value beyond the provision of long-term capital.

We are confident that our investment model, our commitment to hiring the strongest talent as well as our adherence to international best business practices will enable us to meet our growth objectives and ultimately generate sustainable wealth for Bahrain.
Bahrain Mumtalakat Holding Company (“Mumtalakat”) was established in June 2006 as an independent holding company to actively manage and grow a diverse portfolio of commercial assets.
Mumtalakat and Edamah celebrate Bahraini Women’s Day
5 December 2016 - Mumtalakat and its subsidiary Edamah, reaffirmed their on-going commitment towards gender parity during a lunch held on Monday 5th December for their female employees at the Four Seasons Hotel.
Mumtalakat’s CEO joins the 9th Investment Advisory Council Meeting in Turkey
29 October 2016 - Mumtalakat's ’s Chief Executive Office, Mr. Mahmood Hashim Alkooheji attended the invitation-only 9th Investment Advisory Council Meeting, which took place in Istanbul, Turkey on Thursday 27th October 2016.
Mumtalakat’s Legal Team recognised as one of the top 100 in-house legal teams in the Middle East
Mumtalakat's CFO Ranks as the 27th most powerful Arab Businesswomen in Forbes