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General Poultry Company (“GPC”)
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The General Poultry Company (B.S.C.) also referred to as “GPC” is the leading supplier of locally-produced fresh eggs in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The company was established in 1977 with a full Bahraini ownership and contribution rights and owned by the government of Bahrain under “Mumtalakat” Holding Company. GPC was established under the Kingdom of Bahrain by Amiri Decree No. (4) of 1977 and is engaged primarily in the business of poultry farming and the sale of eggs. GPC is commercially licensed to operate a feed mill, a hatchery and a slaughter house. GPC was under the ministry of Agriculture and Municipality affairs administration since its inception till it came under the management of “Bahrain Mumtalakat” in 2006. Mumtalakatiis the main investment arm of the government of Kingdom of Bahrain.
GPC is managed by a board of directors who are responsible for strategic planning and executive management. The General Manager manages the day-to-day affairs of the Company. The staff strength of the Company is 38 which includes General Manager (GM), a Financial Controller (FC), Sales and Marketing Manager and finally a Veterinarian.
Currently, GPC has 3 egg laying Farms with 4 houses in each and farm at the rear. The rearing Farm has a capacity of around 80,000 birds (Kitchens in this instance). The capacity of a house laying farm is estimated to be approximately 13,800 birds, giving an optimum total of 55,200 birds per farm which can go up to 62,000 birds depending on variables such as weather and other conditions.
GPC’s estimated market share is around 30% and was the sole supplier of poultry feed to the local farmers until mid-1983 after which it was entrusted to Delmon Poultry Company (which is listed now in the Bahraini Bourse). GPC aims to increase its production to reach 50% of the market share while increasing the number of laying birds to 270,000 in a stage-1 expansion plan and 360,000 in a stage-2 expansion plan.
The Farms is located on a land which is approximately million square meters (1,000,000) in extent. All the Farms are fully automated (feeding, lighting, heating & cooling, eggs collection and manure removal …etc.). All facilities are equipped with a modern fire/power failure alarm system.
As part of GPC’s strategic plans for highest quality and standards of food hygiene & safety, GPC was accredited the HACCP Certification in 2010. GPC believes maintaining such high standard certificates will insure GPC keeps its lead on the market as the biggest and most professional fresh eggs supplier in Bahrain.
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