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Bahrain Real Estate Investment B.S.C. (c) (“Edamah”)
Real Estate & Tourism
Edamah is a Closed Bahraini Joint Stock Company, incorporated in the Kingdom of Bahrain on 28 May 2006. Edamah was established to develop and manage government properties and lands in Bahrain and in the region.

Edamah is assigned the responsibility of developing and managing selected government properties, either by itself or as a co-developer, on land which it owns. Edamah also selectively undertakes projects on lands owned by other ministries or other entities. Edamah is also equipped to provide professional services in Construction Project Management and Supervision for the benefit of other companies. This requires that Edamah be committed to the latest standards of good modern governance in management, ensuring the company adheres to and reflects the highest levels of transparency, competence, efficiency, sustainability and responsibility.
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